विसुअल बेसिक डॉट नेट

VB.Net Part – 5 (in English)

Ques. (61-75)

61. A ………. displays a list of items from which user can select one or more items.
A) Combo box
B) List box
C) Check box
D) Scroll bar
Correct Answer :C

62. How many Menus in VB.Net?
A) 10
B) 7
C) 11
D) 8
Correct Answer : C

63. ……….. is a collection of files.
A) Class
B) Group
C) Project
D) Form
Correct Answer : Project

64. Visual Basic maintains a project to file with the extension…..
A) frm
B) vbp
C) .vbs
D) .cls
Correct Answer : B

65. ………… indicates whether a particular condition is on or off.
A) Combo Box
B) List Box
C) Check Box
D) None of these
Correct Answer : C

66. In GUI , ……….. is a means of selecting one of several options.
A) Option Button
B) Scroll Bar
C) List Box
D) Combo Box
Correct Answer : A

67. ………….. control is used to represent the items in a hierarchical manner.
A) Tree View
B) Grid View
C) Progress Bar
D) None of these
Correct Answer : A

68. How many Dialogs in Dialog Category of tool box?
A) 3
B) 5
C) 7
D) 4
Correct Answer : 5

69. Which of the following Control is also called Looping Control?
A) Scroll Bar
B) Timer
C) List View
D) Check Box
Correct Answer : B

70. Shortcut Key is  to open Code Designer Window-
A) Ctrl+F7
B) F7
C) F5
D) Shift+F7
Correct Answer : B

71. Shortcut Key is  to open Project Dialog Box-
A) Ctrl + O
B) Ctrl + N
C) Ctrl + P
D) Ctrl + A
Correct Answer : B

72. Shortcut Key is  to open Solution Explorer Window-
A) Ctrl + S
B) Ctrl + E
C) Ctrl + R
D) Ctrl + A
Correct Answer :C

73. Which operator is used to  check Inequality?
A) ><
B) ==
C) <>
D) >=<
Correct Answer : C

74. Which operator is used  for  Power?
A) *
B) ^
C) ^*
D) $
Correct Answer : B

75. Standard Prefix for Combo Box is ____________.
A) cb
B) cmb
C) cbm
D) cmbb
Correct Answer : B