VB.Net Part – 1 (in English)

Ques. (1 – 15)

1. What is the full form of VB.Net?
A) Visual Base. Net
B) Visually Basic.Net
C) Visually Base.Net
D) Visual Basic.Net
Correct Answer : D

2. Which language does not Object Oriented Programming Language?
A) VB.Net
B) VB 6
C) C++
D) Java
Correct Answer : B

3. When was the first version 1.0 of Visual Basic release?
A) 1990
B) 1991
C) 1992
D) 1994
Correct Answer : B

4. Full name of CLI is-
A) Common Language Independence
B) Common Language Intermediate
C) Common Library Infrastructure
D) Common Language Infrastructure
Correct Answer : D

5. A GUI-
A) uses buttons, menus, and icons.
B) should be easy for a user to manipulate
C) stands for Graphic Use Interaction
D) Both a and b.
Correct Answer : D

6. Visual Studio.NET provides which feature:
A) debugging
B) application deployment
C) syntax checking
D) All of the above
Correct Answer : D

7. What is the full form of IDE?
A) Integrated Development Environment
B) Integrated Design Environment
C) Interior Development Environment
D) Interior Design Environment
Correct Answer : A

8. Which one is not the characteristics of Visual Basic.Net?
A) User Interface Design
B) Rapid Application Development
C) Object Oriented Programming
D) Designer window
Correct Answer : D

9. ___________ is not the core part of Visual Studio IDE.
A) Solution Explorer
B) Tool box
C) Start Menu
D) Designer Window
Correct Answer : C

10. How many steps are used to develop any software in IDE?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 3
Correct Answer : C

11. Which one is not the property of Common Control Class?
A) show
B) Back Color
C) Font
D) Fore Color
Correct Answer : A

12. The Tick event is found only in which object?
B) Button
C) Text Box
D) Timer
Correct Answer : D

13. How many types of Projects in .Net?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7
Correct Answer : D

14. In event-driven programming an event is generated by:
A) the system.
B) a user’s action
C) the program itself.
D) All of the above.
Correct Answer : D

15. What is the full form of CLR?
A) Common Language Run
B) Class Language Runtime
C) Class Language Run
D) Common Language Runtime
Correct Answer : D

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