विसुअल बेसिक डॉट नेट

VB.Net Part – 2 (in English)

Ques. (16-30)

16. Which does the Solution Explorer not display?
A) Form Properties
B) Reference Folder
C) Form File
D) Assemble File
Correct Answer : A

17. Which type of project can a developer choose in the New Project dialog box?
A) Visual Basic Projects
B) Visual C# Projects
C) Visual C++ Projects
D) All of the above.
Correct Answer : D

18. Which is not a main component of the Visual Studio IDE?
A) Solution Explorer
B) Tool Box
C) Start Menu
D) Designer Window
Correct Answer : C

19. What is the full form of ASP in VB.Net?
A) Active Service Pages
B) Active Server Pages
C) Acrice Server Pages
D) Acrice Service Pages
Correct Answer : B

20. Which of the following is not part of the IDE:
A) Code editor window
B) Properties window
C) Form layout window
D) General window
Correct Answer : D

21. Visual Basic is a tool that allows you to develop application in…………
A) Real time
B) Graphical User Interface
C) Menu Driven
D) None Of These
Correct Answer : B

22. Visual Basic is an _______.
A) Procedural programming language
B) Object-oriented programming language
C) Hyperlink programming language
D) Sequential programming language
Correct Answer : B

23. In Visual Basic, we work with objects that have _______.
A) Programmer preference
B) Projects, solutions, and procedures
C) Classes, actions, and disciplines
D) Properties, methods, and events
Correct Answer : D

24. Which is not a part of IDE ?
A) Project Explorer Window
B) Code window
C) Form layout window
D) Text box
Correct Answer : D

25. Properties can be viewed in two ways
A) Alphabetic and Categorized
B) Alphabetic and Numeric
C) Numeric and Alphanumeric
D) None of these
Correct Answer : B

26. How many types of Data type mostly used in VB.Net ?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 3
Correct Answer : B

27. Which of the following is a basic data type in VB.NET?
A) Boolean
B) Byte
C) Char
D) All of the above.
Correct Answer : D

28. Which of the following converts the expression to Boolean data type in VB.NET?
A) CBool(expression)
B) CByte(expression)
C) CChar(expression)
D) CDate(expression)
Correct Answer : A

29. Which of the following converts the expression to String data type in VB.NET?
A) CStr(expression)
B) CSByte(expression)
C) CShort(expression)
D) CSng(expression)
Correct Answer : A

30. “dim” is a _______
A) data type
B) keyword
C) operator
D) symbol
Correct Answer : B