VB.Net Part – 4 (in English)

Ques. (46-60)

46. Which of the following is an 8-byte integer?
A) Char
B) Long
C) Short
D) Byte
Correct Answer : B

47. Which of the following in not an integer?
A) Char
B) Byte
C) Integer
D) Long
Correct Answer : A

48. Which on is not a valid variable name?
A) myName
B) my.name
C) my-name
Correct Answer :B

49. Which data type is used for ‘City name’ ?
A) Integer
B) Boolean
C) Floating Point
D) String
Correct Answer : D

50. Which bracket is used for declaring Array in VB.Net?
A) ( )
B) [ ]
C) { }
D) All
Correct Answer : A

51. How many categories in Toolbox of VB.Net?
A) 9
B) 10
C) 6
D) 8
Correct Answer : B

52. Which of the following Common Method used in Textbox?
A) Show( )
B) Hide ( )
C) Remove ( )
D) Focus ( )
Correct Answer : C

53. Which Control is used for display message in Window of VB.Net?
A) Text box
B) Label
C) List View
D) Display Message
Correct Answer : B

54. Standard Prefix for Textbox is ____________.
A) txt
B) text
C) tx
D) txtb
Correct Answer : A

55. Which method is not used in Items Collection in Listbox?
A) Add
B) Clear
C) Count
D) Delete
Correct Answer : D

56. Which one is correct?
A) Listbox.Items.Remove(Item)
B) Listbox.Items.Clear( )
C) Listbox.Items.Contain(Item)
D) All of these
Correct Answer 😀

57. Which of the following provides quick access to commonly used commands in the programming environment ?
A) Toolbox
B) Object browser
C) Toolbar
D) None of these
Correct Answer : A

58. ………. control is used to provide an identifiable grouping for other controls.
A) Frame
B) Label
C) List box
D) Command button
Correct Answer : A

59. ………….. combines the features of the text box and list box.
A) Picture box
B) Check box
C) Combo box
D) Option button
Correct Answer : C

60. By default, the textbox control can hold text as ……..
A) Multiple lines
B) Single line
C) Password character
D) None of these
Correct Answer : B

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