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MS Excel Part 4

Ques. (46-60) 46. The programming language in which Excel keeps the macro code record. A) Java B) Visual Basic C) Basic D) Video Basic Correct answer : B 47. What is the shortcut key to replace in MS-Excel? A) Ctrl+R B) Ctrl+E C) Ctrl+H D) Ctrl+L Correct answer : C 48. Which of the following […]

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MS Excel Part 3

Ques. (31-45) 31. A function does have inside the function is called______ A) Nested Function B) Round Function C) Sum Function D) Text Function Correct answer : A 32. The cell address in the Microsoft Office Excel document is _________ A) Column Name B) Row Name C) First Row then Column Name D) First Column

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MS Excel Part 1

Ques. (1-15) 1. In MS Excel, in which bar have the currency option A) Formatting Toolbar B) Standard Toolbar C) Status Bar D) Formula bar Correct answer : A 2. Which menu contains macro options in MS Excel A) Insert B) Format C) Tools D) Data Correct answer : C 3. Which function is used

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