MS Excel Part 2

Ques. (16-30)

16. Which option is not in the Data Menu in MS Excel ?
A) Validation
B) Filter
C) Freeze Pane
D) Sort
Correct answer : C

17. When using the Function, which reference operator is used to give the range?
A) ;
B) &
D) =
Correct answer : C

18. What is the feature of inserting cells by dragging numbers in MS Excel ?
A) Auto Correct
B) Auto Text
C) Auto Fill
D) Auto Cell
Correct answer : C

19. Which of the options is in the Tool Menu in MS.Excel ?
A) Formula Auditing
B) Goal Seek
C) Scenarios
D) All of these
Correct answer : D

20. Which function is used to calculate Rate of Return, Loan, Amount and Future Value ?
A) Statistical function
B) Financial function
C) Logical function
D) Mathematical function
Correct answer : B

21. What is the shortcut key to insert current date in cell ?
A) Ctrl +;
B) Ctrl + T
C) Ctrl + D
D) Ctrl + /
Correct answer : A

22. In M.S. Excel if Day Formula is imposed, answer to 5/3/2017 will be printed ______
A) 5
B) 3
C) 2017
D) 5 mar
Correct answer : B

23. Which symbol do you use to start formula in MS Excel?
A) %
B) =
C) +
D) <>
Correct answer : B

24. Which of these functions is used to remove more than one space?
A) Trim
B) Char
C) Len
D) Int
Correct answer : A

25. In MS Excel cell, values 29, 19, 27, 39 and 20 are written from A6 to A11. Then what will be the value of = MAX (A6: A11)?
A) 29
B) 39
C) 21
D) 20
Correct answer : B

26. Which chart would be useful to compare the sales price of two different branches of a distributor?
A) Scatter Chart
B) Bar Chart
C) Doughnut Chart
D) Area Chart
Correct answer : C

27. Which of these statements is correct?
A) = POWER(2*3)
B) = POWER(2^3)
C) = POWER(2,3)
D) = POWER(2:3)
Correct answer : C

28. Which of these is not an operator in MS Excel?
A) Text Concatenation Operator
B) Reference Operator
C) Arithmetic Operator
D) Logical Operator
Correct answer : D

29. Where does the active cell’s contents display in Excel?
A) Name Box
B) Row Headings
C) Formula Bar
D) Task Pane
Correct answer : C

30. How many steps are there to create charts in MS Excel?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5
Correct answer : C

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