MS-Word Part 1

Ques. (1-15)

1. Which of these is not the right version of MS-OFFICE.
C) OFFICE 2007
D) OFFICE 2010
Correct Answer : B

2. End key ……………………………
A) Moves the cursor end of the line
B) Moves the cursor end of the document
C) Moves the cursor end of the paragraph
D) Moves the cursor end of the screen
Correct Answer : A

3.MS-Office is-
A) Application Software
B) System Software
C) Operating System
D) All of Above
Correct Answer : A

4.In which layout, the margin of the page is displayed in MS Word –
A) Outline layout
B) Web layout
C) Normal layout
D) Print layout
Correct Answer : D

5. Which of the following is not a office suite?
A) MS-Office
B) Lotus Office
C) Star Office
D) Close Office
Correct Answer : D

6. The formatting toolbar has the Minimum and Maximum Size of the font.-
A) 8, 68
B) 8, 70
C) 6, 68
D) 8,72
Correct Answer : D

7. In a paragraph, the distance between the two rows is called ……………….
A) Spacing
B) Word Spacing
C) Line Spacing
D) Row Spacing
Correct Answer : C

8. Usually in a rows, line spacing is –
A) 1.5
B) 2.0
C) 0.5
D) 1.0
Correct Answer : D

9. An extension of the file created in MS-Word 2003.
A) .doc
B) .docx
C) .ppt
D) .exe
Correct Answer : A

10. Which of the following menu is used in MS-Word to change the character size and typeface?
A) View
B) Tools
C) Format
D) Data
Correct Answer : C

11. In the .__________, the first letter of each word comes in a small case and all other letters come in a big case.
A) Uppercase
B) Lowercase
C) Toggle case
D) Title case
Correct Answer : C

12. By default, _____________ header or footer printed
A) On first page
B) On every page
C) on Last page
D) None Of Above
Correct Answer : B

13.How many maximum lines can be set for the drop cap ?
A) 15
B) 20
C) 10
D) Undefined
Correct Answer : C

14.Which of the following options is in Slide Templates
A) Graphics, text, styles, macros
B) Customized word command setting
C) Auto text entries
D) All of above
Correct Answer : D) All of above

15. Why drop cap is used in the document
A) To drop all the capital letters
B) Every paragraph starts automatically with the capital letters
C) Beginning the paragraph with a large capital letter
D) None of these
Correct Answer : C

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