MS-Word Part 2

Ques. (16-30)

16. Which of the following is not a font style?
A) Bold
B) Italic
C) Regular
D) Superscript
Correct Answer : D

17. Which of the following options is not in the Insert – Picture menu?
A) Chart
B) Graph
C) Clip Art
D) Word Art
Correct Answer : B

18. Which of these commands is not available in the Tools menu
A) Auto summarize
B) Auto text
C) Macro
D) Autocorrect
Correct Answer : B

19. Superscript, subscript, outline, emboss, engrave are known as-
A) Font effects
B) Text effects
C) Font styles
D) Word Art
Correct Answer : A

20. The name of the font used by default in MS-Word.
A) Times New Roman
B) Algerian
C) Arial
D) None of These
Correct Answer : A

21. In which toolbar you can get the Format painter tool.
A) Picture toolbar
B) Formatting toolbar
C) Drawing toolbar
D) Standard toolbar
Correct Answer : D

22. We can search ____________ by using the Find option.
A) Characters
B) Formats
C) Symbols
D) All of These
Correct Answer : D

23. What is MS-Word?
A) Operating System
B) Typing Tutor Software
C) Word Processing Software
D) A Game
Correct Answer : C

24. What is the Shortcut-Key , to open ‘Open Dialog Box’
A) F12
B) Shift + F12
C) Alt + F12
D) Ctrl + F12
Correct Answer : D

25. The effect shown in the Background Color or Document does not appear in the _________
A) Print Preview
B) Print Layout View
C) Reading View
D) Web Page Layout
Correct Answer : A

26. Which of these options is not correct?
A) Title Bar
B) Status Bar
C) Properties Bar
D) Down Bar
Correct Answer : D

27. Which of the following options is not in the Window menu ?
A) New window
B) Help
C) Arrange All
D) Split
Correct Answer : B

28. Insert Date, Format Page Number, and Insert Auto text is the buttons of _________ toolbar
A) Formatting
B) Header and Footer
C) Standard
D) Edit
Correct Answer : B

29. Page Border option is in the _________ menu.
A) Insert
B) Format
C) Tools
D) View
Correct Answer : B

30. Copied Data in MS-Word is shown in …………….
A) Task bar
B) Task pane
C) Clip art
D) None of these
Correct Answer : D

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