MS-Word Part 4

Ques. (46-60)

46. In the Ms Word 2007, Document File Extension is _________
Correct Answer : D

47. In which view of MS Word, the background color and effects are shown
A) Web layout view
B) Print Layout view
C) Reading View
D) Print Preview
Correct Answer : B

48. F12 Key is used for_________
A) Save As dialog box
B) Spelling & Grammar dialog box
C) Chart Wizard
D) Font dialog box
Correct Answer : A

49. What is Portrait and Landscape
A) Page Orientation
B) Paper Size
C) Page Layout
D) Page Margin
Correct Answer : A

50. What is the Short Cut Key for Checking Spell
A) F1
B) F2
C) F7
D) F9
Correct Answer : C

51. Which of these options is used to move text
A) Copy and Paste
B) Cut and Paste
C) Paste and Delete
D) Paste and Cut
Correct Answer : B

52. Which option is used to replace the already saved document’s location
A) Save as
B) save
C) Open
D) Permission
Correct Answer : A

53. Ctrl + E is used for
A) Re-Open the last closed document
B) Insert Hyperlink
C) Insert Bullets & Numbering
D) Center align the selected Paragraph
Correct Answer : D

54. How to use the Format Painter tool more than once.
A) Click on Lock Format Painter Icon
B) Double Click on Format Painter Icon
C) Selecting Edit – Format Painter – multiple use
D) Can not use the Format Painter tool more than once.
Correct Answer : B

55. Which of the following option is used to change the margin
A) Formatting toolbar
B) Page setup dialog box
C) Standard toolbar
D) Header & Footer dialog box
Correct Answer : B

56. Which page size is set by default in Ms word
A) Letter
B) Legal
C) A4
D) A3
Correct Answer : A

57. which of the following View, Header and Footer are appeared
A) Normal View
B) Page Layout View
C) Print Layout View
D) Draft View
Correct Answer : C

58. With the help of which of these options spelling mistakes are corrected
A) Auto Format
B) Auto Text
C) Auto Correct
D) Auto Spell
Correct Answer : C

59. Which menu is used to insert the chart option in MS Word
A) Edit
B) Insert
C) Format
D) Tools
Correct Answer : B

60. __________ is inserted at the end of the document
A) Footer
B) Foot Note
C) End Note
D) Header
Correct Answer : A

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