MS Excel Part 1

Ques. (1-15)

1. In MS Excel, in which bar have the currency option
A) Formatting Toolbar
B) Standard Toolbar
C) Status Bar
D) Formula bar
Correct answer : A

2. Which menu contains macro options in MS Excel
A) Insert
B) Format
C) Tools
D) Data
Correct answer : C

3. Which function is used to input the date only in MS Excel?
A) Today
B) Now
C) Time
D) Calendar
Correct answer : A

4. Which Function is used to calculate Remainder in MS Excel?
A) INT ( )
B) FACT ( )
C) MOD ( )
D) DIV ( )
Correct answer : C

5. Which menu have the Fill option in MS Excel?
A) View
B) Format
C) Tools
D) Edit
Correct answer : D

6. Excel is a collection of workbook ………….
A) Workbooks
B) Worksheets
C) Charts and Slides
D) Data
Correct answer : B

7. Which of these data types is not in MS.excel?
A) Number
B) Currency
C) Label
D) Date/Time
Correct answer : C

8. In MS Excel, which menu does have Sort option
A) Edit
B) Format
C) Tool
D) Data

Correct answer : D

9. Which of these charts does not exist in MS Excel
A) Scatter
B) Line
C) Doughnut
D) Graph
Correct answer : D

10. Which of these options is not available in the Chart Options in MS Excel “CHART WIZARD”?
A) Axes
B) Data Label
C) Data Series
D) Data Table
Correct answer : C

11. MS EXCEL Based on _______ Software
Correct answer : A

12. A spreadsheet is a collection of pages is called a _______
A) Workbook
B) Art book
C) Worksheet
D) Documents
Correct answer : A

13. What is the Extension of Excel Workbook in MS Excel 2007?
A) .xlx
B) .xlsx
C) .xlcx
D) .xlxx
Correct answer : B

14. Which option of Chart Wizard contains the option of Series Name, Category and Value in Data?
A) Legend
B) Chart area
C) Data label
D) Data Titles
Correct answer : C

15. Which sign display when Formula Error in MS Excel
A) $
B) *
C) \
D) #
Correct answer : D

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