MS Excel Part 3

Ques. (31-45)

31. A function does have inside the function is called______
A) Nested Function
B) Round Function
C) Sum Function
D) Text Function
Correct answer : A

32. The cell address in the Microsoft Office Excel document is _________
A) Column Name
B) Row Name
C) First Row then Column Name
D) First Column then Row Name
Correct answer : D

33. If you want a blank line after the title in the worksheet, which of these methods will be the best?
A) Re-Format the spreadsheet
B) Insert the Row
C) Increase the column Width
D) Use the Space bar
Correct answer : B

34. How is the data organize in the spreadsheet?
A) Line and Spacing
B) Rows and Columns
C) Layers and Pallets
D) Height and Width
Correct answer : B

35. In MS Excel, which of the following option is not available in the Data menu?
A) Validation
B) Filter
C) Freeze Pane
D) Sort
Correct answer : C

36. “Comment” option is found in the ………… menu.
A) insert
B) Data
C) review
D) View
Correct answer : A

37. What is the shortcut key to insert a new sheet in the current workbook?
A) F11
B) Ctrl + F11
C) Shift + F11
D) Alt + F11
Correct answer : C

38. How can you show or hide the Grid lines in Excel sheet?
A) Go to Tools – Options – View tab then Mark or unmarked the Grid line box
B) Click on the Grid Line tool in the Forms Toolbar
C) A and B Both
D) None of these
Correct answer : A

39. The address of the current cell in Excel is displayed in _______
A) Formula bar
B) Status bar
C) Name Box
D) Title bar
Correct answer : C

40. The shortcut key to add Hyperlink in Worksheet is _______
A) Alt + K
B) Ctrl + H
C) Ctrl + K
D) Shift + Ctrl + K
Correct answer : C

41. Which of these statements is not correct?
A) You can create graph in Excel sheet.
B) Excel sheet has an extension .doc
C) The new workbook is called book 1.
D) None of these
Correct answer : B

42. The common point of row and column is called
A) pixel
B) cell
C) 0
D) Track
Correct answer : B

43. Who can use a Spreadsheet?
A) Finance Professionals
B) Engineers
C) Stoke Brokers
D) All of these
Correct answer : D

44. To show the range of cells, we use …………. in excel
A) Semicolon
B) Comma
C) Colon
D) Dot
Correct answer : C

45. What is the shortcut to open the dialog box of Format cell?
A) Alt + 1
B) Ctrl + 1
C) Ctrl + Shift + 1
D) None of these
Correct answer : B


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