MS Excel Part 4

Ques. (46-60)

46. The programming language in which Excel keeps the macro code record.
A) Java
B) Visual Basic
C) Basic
D) Video Basic
Correct answer : B

47. What is the shortcut key to replace in MS-Excel?
A) Ctrl+R
B) Ctrl+E
C) Ctrl+H
D) Ctrl+L
Correct answer : C

48. Which of the following menu is used for Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete text in Excel?
A) Edit menu
B) File menu
C) Tool menu
D) Format menu
Correct answer : A

49. The default extension of the Excel file is______
C) .WK1
D) .123
Correct answer : A

50. A worksheet has a header by default-
A) User Name
B) Date and time
C) Sheet tab name
D) None
Correct answer : D

51. The maximum row in a work sheet is-
A) 256
B) 1024
C) 65536
D) 32000
Correct answer : C

52. Cell reference will be from range G2 to M12.
A) G2=M12
B) G2;M12
C) G2:M12
D) G2,M12
Correct answer : C

53. Which menu is used to show and hide the Status Bar in Excel
A) Edit menu
B) File menu
C) View menu
D) Format menu
Correct answer : C

54. The keyboard shortcut is used to create charts in the selected range.
A) F2
B) F4
C) F8
D) F11
Correct answer : D

55. ________ key is used to drag data of range from selected worksheet to another worksheet.
A) Tab
B) Alt
C) Shift
D) Ctrl
Correct answer : B

56. Which column will you select to insert a new column between Column D and E.
A) select column E
B) select column D
C) select column E , F , G
D) select column D, E , F
Correct answer : A

57. Which of the following is not the Zoom percentage in excel?
A) 10
B) 100
C) 300
D) 500
Correct answer : D

58. What is the feature of inserting by dragging number in cells in MS Excel ?
A) Auto Correct
B) Auto Text
C) Auto Fill
D) Auto Cell
Correct answer : C

59. How many columns are there in Excel?
A) 256
B) 65536
C) 216
D) 220
Correct answer : A

60. In which menu have Freeze Pane option?
A) Tools
B) Data
C) Window
D) View
Correct Answer : C

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