MS PowerPoint Part 3

Ques. (31-50)

31. What is the command to recolor a picture in a slide?
A) Insert – Picture – Recolor
B) Tools – Picture – Recolor
C) Format – Picture – Recolor
D) Edit – Picture – Recolor
Correct Answer : A

32. Which of the following option can have in a slide?
A) Title, Text, graphs
B) Drawn Object Shapes
C) Clipart, Drawn art, Visual
D) Any of these
Correct Answer : D

33. What is animation?
A) To make a picture
B) Accelerate static images
C) Print out
D) Changing the pictures in the graph
Correct Answer : B

34. What is the Shortcut Key to Slide Show ?
A) F4
B) F5
C) F6
D) F7
Correct Answer : B

35. Which orientation is set in the default page setup in the power point.
A) Landscape
B) Portrait
C) Vertical
D) None of these
Correct Answer : A

36. Which feature would you use to apply motion effect for slide Exit and Enter?
A) Animation Scheme
B) Slide Design
C) Animation Objects
D) Slide Transition
Correct Answer : D

37. Which file formats can add to power point shows?
D) All of these
Correct Answer : D

38. Which tab does not have on the left panel when you open the presentation?
A) Notes
B) Outline
C) Slides
D) All are available
Correct Answer : A

39. Which section does not exist in slide layout
A) Animations
B) Lists
C) Titles
D) Charts
Correct Answer : A

40. Which Power Point feature would you use to apply the motion effect for different objects on the slide?
A) Animation Scheme
B) Animation Objects
C) Slide Design
D) Slide Transition
Correct Answer : A

41. Which of the following is the action button in the power point
A) Home
B) Help
C) End
D) All of these
Correct Answer : D

42. Which option is used to rehearse the presentation in the power point
A) Setup time
B) Timing
C) Rehearse Timing
D) All of these
Correct Answer : C

43. Shortcut key to open pre-made Presentation
Correct Answer : B

44. Which of these options is used to make a similar type of formatting in every slide in PowerPoint.
A) Slide Transition
B) Slide Design
C) Slide Master
D) All of these
Correct Answer : C

45. How to Stop the Slide Show in PowerPoint
A) Press the right arrow
B) Press Escape
C) Press Ctrl + A
D) Press Ctrl + S
Correct Answer : B

46. The page to create Presentation in Power Point is called _____.
A) Sheet
B) Paper
C) Slide
D) Document
Correct Answer : C

47. How the chart is inserted in PowerPoint ?
A) Edit -> Chart
B) Insert -> Pictures -> Chart
C) Insert -> Chart
D) View -> Chart
Correct Answer : C

48. Which option is used to replace the font in all the slides in PowerPoint
A) Tools -> Fonts
B) Edit -> Fonts
C) Format -> Replace Fonts
D) Tools -> Replace Fonts
Correct Answer : C

49. From which of these views can we see all the slides together ?
A) Through slide sorter view
B) Through slide view
C) Through normal view
D) through slide show
Correct Answer : A

50. Which toolbar has a slide design option in MS Power point ?
A) Standard Toolbar
B) Formatting Toolbar
C) Drawing Toolbar
D) None of these
Correct Answer : B

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