MS PowerPoint Part 2

Ques. (16-30)

16. Ctrl + E command is used in the power point –
A)To make Text in the left
B) To make Text in the Right
C) To make Text in the Center
D) All of these
Correct Answer : C

17. Ellipse Motion is a Predefined ………….
A) Design Template
B) Color Scheme
C) Animation Scheme
D) None of these
Correct Answer : C

18. How many slides can be printed on the same page by using the handout.
A) 1
B) 6
C) 9
D) All of these
Correct Answer : D

19. Which feature of Power Point will you use to apply the motion effect to different slides?
A) slide transition
B) slide Design
C) Animation object
D) Animation Scheme
Correct Answer : A

20. Which option is used to set a custom timing for a slide in Presentation.
A) Slider timings
B) slide transition
C) Rehearsal
D) Slide Show Setup
Correct Answer : B

21. If you want to see only text in the slide, which of the tabs will you use.
A) Task pane
B) Thumbnails
C) Outline
D) Tool bar
Correct Answer : C

22. If you want to change the order of slides, which view option will you use.
A) Normal View
B) slide sorter view
C) Notes page view
D) Slide show view
Correct Answer : B

23. Which menu contains an option like Animation scheme, custom animation, slide transition.
A) insert menu
B) tools menu
C) View menu
D) slide show menu
Correct Answer : D

24. Which option is right for inserting a hyperlink in a slide.
A) Choose Insert & Hyperlink
B) Press Ctrl + K
C) Hyperlink can not be inserted into the slide.
D) A and B Both
Correct Answer : D

25. The slide sorter in the power point is in the ________ menu.
A) Insert
B) View
C) File
D) Edit
Correct Answer : B

26. What happens to “apply design templates”?
A) Changes the contents of the slide
B) Adds the functionality of the slide.
C) Change the look of the slide without any changes in the content of the slide.
D) None of these
Correct Answer : C

27. The Pre-defined style that can be used for presentation in Power Point is called-
A) Auto style
B) Wizard
C) Templates
D) Pre Formatting
Correct Answer : C

28. In a presentation, the animation scheme can be applied in which slide.
A) All slides
B) Selected slide
C) Current slide
D) All of these
Correct Answer : D

29. Which of these keys will you press to check spelling.
A) F3
B) F5
C) F7
D) F9
Correct Answer : C

30. How many types of layouts are in the power point
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D)None of these
Correct Answer : A

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