MS PowerPoint Part 1

Ques. (1-15)

1. Which of these is not the view of PowerPoint?
A) Slide Show view
B) Slide Sorter view
C) Normal view
D) Outline view
Correct Answer : D

2. What is Extension of PowerPoint Presentation?
Correct Answer : B

3. What is the shortcut key to create new files in PowerPoint presentation.
A) Ctrl + N
B) Ctrl + S
C) Ctrl + M
D) Shift + N
Correct Answer : A

4. To open Power Point from Run Dialog Box, type ________
A) PowerPoint
B) Pwrpoint
C) Powerpnt
D) Powerpint
Correct Answer : C

5. Which program is used to create a presentation
A) Excel
B) PowerPoint
C) Access
D) Outlook
Correct Answer : B

6. What is the shortcut key to insert a new slide into the current presentation.
A) Ctrl + O
B) Ctrl + M
C) Ctrl + N
D) Ctrl + F
Correct Answer : B

7. Which menu does have action button option ?
A) Tools
B) Format
C) Window
D) Slide Show
Correct Answer : D

8. Which option is used to create Speaker Notes in the Power Point slide.
A) Slide Note
B) Short Notes
C) Sound Note
D) Notes View
Correct Answer : D

9. Which option is used to change shadow, text color and the color of the box in Power Point
A) Color schemes
B) Drawing tools
C) Text tools
D) Background color
Correct Answer : A

10. How you can stop the slide show.
A) Pressing Delete button.
B) Pressing Esc button.
C) Pressing Right arrow.
D) Pressing Left arrow.
Correct Answer : B

11. _______ task pane shows the design that is currently being used in the presentation.
A) slide show
B) slide style
C) slide design
D) slide format
Correct Answer : C

12. How to insert a table in a slide.
A) Table menu & Insert table
B) Click on the insert table in the content pane of the blank slide.
C) A and B Both
D) The table can not be inserted into a slide.
Correct Answer : B

13. What is the use of the “Hide slide” option?
A) During the presentation, to hide the selected slide.
B) During editing, to hide the selected slide.
C) To hide the selected slide during printing.
D) To hide the selected slide during deleting.
Correct Answer : A

14. Handout Master is defined by _________
A) Slide formatting
B) Slide transaction
C) Layout of handout
D) Layout of slide
Correct Answer : C

15. Which of these slides is used as a background.
A) Gradient
B) Texture
C) Picture
D) All of these
Correct Answer : D

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