MS Access Part – 1 (in English)

1. Microsoft Access is-
d) Network Database Model
Correct Ans: a) RDBMS

2. Which of the following is not a type of Microsoft Access database object ?
a) Table
b) Form
c) Worksheets
d) Modules
Correct Ans: c) Worksheets

3. Called a field in a column in a table
a) Database
b) Attribute
c) Tuple
d) Data
Correct Ans: b) Attribute

4. Record is-
a) Row
b) Column
c) Row and column group
d) None of these
Correct Ans: a) Row

5. A column in a relation whose data value is used in the second relation as a key column, which is said to be –
a) Primary key
b) Composite key
c) Foreign key
d) Candidate key
Correct Ans: c) Foreign key

6. Collection of the field is called
a) Record
b) Column
c) File
d) Table
Correct Ans: a) Record

7. Which key is used to make the unique field ?
a) Primary key
b) Foreign key
c) Index Key
d) Composite key
Correct Ans: a) Primary key

8. What is the extension name of the database created in Ms Access ?
a) .mdb
b) .mad
c) .doc
d) None of these
Correct Ans: a) .mdb

9. A tree structure can be established as ________ Relationship
a) One to One
b) Many to Many
c) One to Many
d) Many to One
Correct Ans: c) One to Many

10. What is DBMS ?
a) Database Management System
b) Database Manager System
c) Data Management System
d) None of these
Correct Ans: a) Database Management System

11. Relation Model is related to
a) Data Structure and Data Integrity
b) Data Manipulation
c) Both
d) None of these
Correct Ans: c) Both

12. Which of the following is the example of Network Database?
a) Oracle
b) Ingress
d) None of these
Correct Ans: a) Oracle

13. Hierarchical Data model-
a) Partially ordered
b) Totally ordered
c) Not ordered
d) None of these
Correct Ans: a) Partially ordered

14. Overall design of database is called
a) Database Screen
b) Database Structure
c) Database view
d) None of these
Correct Ans: b) Database Structure

15. Boyce-code is the Normal Form
a) 1 NF
b) 2 NF
c) 3 NF
d) 4 NF
Correct Ans: d) 4 NF


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