Microsoft Windows XP Part – 1 (in English)

1. Which button is used to increase the display of windows ?
a) Scroll box
b) Down size
c) Maximize
d) Minimize
Correct Ans: c) Maximize

2. Where are the recycling bin option found ?
a) On desktop
b) On the hard drive
c) On the shortcut menu
d) Properties dialog box
Correct Ans: a) On desktop

3. What are windows 95, windows 98 and windows NT?
a) Processors
b) Domain Name
c) Modem
d) Operating system
Correct Ans: d) Operating system

4. Where are the files saved by copy command are temporarily saved ?
a) Clipboard
b) Printer
c) Paste
d) Object
Correct Ans: a) Clipboard

5. Where are deleted files saved from hard disk?
a) Recycle bin
b) floppy disk
c) Mother board
d) Clip board
Correct Ans: a) Recycle bin

6. Various apps and documents are shown by ______ on Windows desktop?
a) File
b) Label
c) Graph
d) Icon
Correct Ans: d) Icon

7. what name are the name of screen backgrounds ?
a) App
b) Windows
c) Desktop
d) Frame
Correct Ans: c) Desktop

8. Ms-Windows which type of software ?
a) CUI
b) MUI
c) LUI
d) GUI
Correct Ans: d) GUI

9. How many KB are in 1MB ?
a) 1000 kb
b) 1020 kb
c) 1024 kb
d) 1124 kb
Correct Ans: c) 1024 kb

10. What is called for main folder of storage device?
a) Root directory
b) Interface
c) Device driver
d) my computer
Correct Ans: a) Root directory

11. What is the shortcut to open Run Dialog Box ?
a) Alt + R
b) Ctrl + R
c) Window key + R
d) Tab + R
Correct Ans : c) Window key + R

12. The number of pixels displayed on the screen is called the screen_______
a) Color Depth
b) Viewing size
c) Resolution
d) Disk Rate
Correct Ans: c) Resolution

13. Which version of Windows does not have a START button ?
d) None of these
Correct Ans: b) WINDOWS 8

14. Which option is used to find out the size of a file or folder ?
a) Rename
b) Edit
c) Properties
d) Customize
Correct Ans: c) Properties

15. What is the shortcut to delete without sending a file in the recycling bin ?
a) Shift + Delete
b) Ctrl + Delete
c) Alt + Delete
d) Alt + Ctrl + Delete
Correct Ans: a) Shift + Delete

16. Clicking on the maximize option in the title bar of any window will turn window _____ ?
a) Close
b) Minimize
c) Restore
d) Full Screen
Correct Ans : c) Restore

17. Which company has created the windows operating system ?
a) IBM
b) Microsoft
c) Sun
d) Google
Correct Ans: b) Microsoft

18. Which bar contains Start button ?
a) Title bar
b) Task bar
c) Task pane
d) Toolbar
Correct Ans: b) Task bar

19. By default file is saved in which of the following locations ?
a) My computer
b) My picture
c) My document
d) Desktop
Correct Ans: c) My document

20. What is the Shortcut to rename a file ?
a) F1
b) F3
c) F2
d) F5
Correct Ans: c) F2


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