Computer Fundamentals Part – 46 (in English)

686. India’s first model e-governance city is
A) Bangalore
B) Hyderabad
C) Baroda
D) Pune
Correct Answer: c) Baroda

687. What is the name of first bilingual computer in India ?
A) Ultimate
B) Unique
C) Siddharth
D) Mahaveer
Correct Answer: c) Siddharth

688. Which of the following online story was commotion in publication world in March 2000.
A) Riding the Bullet
B) Lion King
C) A passage to India
D) Hyderabad Blue
Correct Answer: a) Riding the Bullet

689. What is the name of the author of an online story called Riding the Bullet
A) Arthur C. Clarke
B) Stephen King
C) Tasimov
D) Robert Ludlum
Correct Answer: a) Arthur C. Clarke

690. How many readers have downloaded at first day to read an online story called Riding the Bullet
A) 100
B) 10000
C) 100000
D) 500000
Correct Answer: d) 500000

691. What is the value of 1 terabyte
A) 100 gigabytes
B) 1000 gigabytes
C) 500 megabytes
D) 1000 megabytes
Correct Answer: b) 1000 gigabytes

692. In which city of Madhya Pradesh, the information related to computer-based knowledge ant service is run?
A) Dhar
B) Gwalior
C) Khandwa
D) Mandsaur
Correct Answer: a) Dhar

693. Which software program is used to see different -different websites
A) Screen Saver
B) Browser
C) Cursor
D) Mouse
Correct Answer: b) Browser

694. The area of available ??information resources through computer networks is called ______ .
A) Space
B) Cyber SPACE
C) Plane
D) Virtual Space
Correct Answer: b) Cyber space

695. The term Cyber ??Space was used by William Gibson in his novel for the first time.
A) The Last World
B) The Fourth Estate
C) The Tempest
D) Neuromasser
Correct Answer: d) Neuromascer

696. What is a program that protects users from unauthorized access to the network
A) Cybercop
B) Fire wall
C) Screen Saver
D) None of these
Correct Answer: b) Fire Wall

697. What does the word Fleming mean on the Internet
A) Chilling
B) A black form
C) The word used for abuse
D) None of these
Correct Answer: c) The word used for abuse

698. The word digrati is used for
A) For internet scholars
B) For Artists of the Internet
C) For Internet users
D) Software engineers
Correct Answer: a) For internet scholars

699. Requesting for a single item from a web server via a web browser , what is called that in technical terminology
A) Request
B) Hits
C) Strike
D) All of the above
Correct Answer: b) Hit

700. What is a computer network used in the exchange of internal information of institutions, which is not connected to the Internet but works like the Internet
A) Extranet
B) Intranet
C) Internet
D) None of these
Correct Answer: b) Intranet

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