Computer Fundamentals Part – 45 (in English)

671. What is the employment opportunity in the field of internet
A) Website and homepage designer
B) Webmaster
C) Content Manager
D) All of the above
Correct Answer: d) All the above

672. What are the employment opportunities in the field of multimedia
A) Designing
B) Advertising
C) Printing and Publishing
D) All of the above
Correct Answer: d) All the above

673. When the first laptop computer appeared
A) 1980 AD
B) 1981 AD
C) 1982 AD
D) 1985 AD
Correct Answer: b) 1981

674. What is Apple’s microcomputer?
A) P. P. P.-8
B) PDP-11
C) Macintosh
D) cray
Correct Answer: c) Macintosh

675. What is the value of 1 Nibble _____
A) 2-bit
B) 6 bit
C) 4 bit
D) 8 bit
Correct Answer: c) 4 bit

676. Electrostatic pen like equipment is ______
A) Amplifier
B) Light pen
C) Laser
D) Modem
Correct Answer: b) Light pen

677. The ability to run programs on different architectures machine is what is called in computer terminology ?
A) Ability
B) compatibility
C) cobol
D) cursor
Correct Answer: b) Compatibility

678. After the creation of home computer, real success was achieved.
A) Macintosh
B) Sinclair ZX 80
C) Cray
D) Ultimate
Correct Answer: b) Sinclair ZX 80

679. Who has the credit for building a home computer named Sinclair ZX 80?
A) Harman Holirth
B) Lukach
C) Sir Clive Sinclair
D) Drivers Babbage
Correct Answer: c) Sir Clive Sinclair

680. Tell the name of the first popular mini computer
A) P. D. P. – 8
B) P. P. P. – 11
C) Wax 75
D) All of the above
Correct Answer: : P . D . P. -8

681. What was the first application software to be the most successful
B) LOTUS 1-2-3
C) Vigikelk
D) Harvard Graphics
Correct Answer: c) Vigikelk

682. After the arrival of the package, M.S. Dos’ market became hot
A) Windows
B) Lotus 1-2-3
C) Harvard Graphics
D) Coral Draw
Correct Answer: a) Windows

683. What was the purpose of the computer called Colossus in Britain?
A) For accounting
B) To read secret hints
C) For making graphic
D) To help the scientists
Correct Answer: b) To read secret hints

684. In the United States, what was the purpose of the computer named ENIAC?
A) Read the mystery script
B) To make a pat
C) To the control of the launch path of the ballistic missile
D) For engineering design
Correct Answer: c) To control the launch path of ballistic missile

685. What is the value of picosecond ?
A) 10-12
B) 10-8
C) 10-10
D) 10-12
Correct Answer: a) 10-12

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