Computer Fundamentals Part – 43 (in English)

681. Which device connect two identical local area networks ?
A) Bridge
B) Assembler
C) Connector
D) None of these
Correct Answer: a) Bridge

682. What does the application mean
A) Software
B) Protocol
C) None of these
D) Performed actions by computer
Correct Answer: d) Performed actions by computer

683. Which of the following does both – transfer and receive ?
A) Receiver
B) transmitter
C) Transceiver
D) Work station
Correct Answer: b) Transmitter

684. Who developed the programming language called ‘APL’
A) Grierson
B) Kenneth E. Everson
C) John Sun Sam
D) Stevenson Grid
Correct Answer: b) Kenneth E. Everson

685. The groups of sector used by DOS is called __________ .
A) Disk
B) Operator
C) Cluster
D) Group
Correct Answer: c) Cluster

686. The part of the disk where all the clusters gathering information is called
A) File location table
B) Information Store
C) Hard Disk
D) floppy disk
Correct Answer: a) File Location Table

687. What is called the place of hard disk where the booting file of DOS is written
A) Data Sector
B) Boot sector
C) Cylinder
D) Bad Sector
Correct Answer: b) Boot sector

688. The place where the formatted information of the hard disk written on_______ .
A) Boot sector
B) Data Sector
C) Partition table
D) None of these
Correct Answer: c) Partition Table

689. What was the first magnetic system to store data?
A) Tape
B) Floppy
D) Hard Disk
Correct Answer: a) Tape

690. Tape is made of ________ .
A) Paper
B) Rubber
C) Plastic polyester
D) None of these
Correct Answer: c) Plastic Polyester

691. Which of the following is coated on the tape ?
A) Magnetic oxide
B) Copper oxide
C) Mercuric chloride
D) Silver nitrate
Correct Answer: a) Magnetic oxide

692. How many tapes are there in the open reel tape
A) Three
B) Five
C) seven
D) nine
Correct Answer: d) nine

693. What is the best device
A) Video cassette recorder
B) Video cassette player
C) audio cassette recorder
D) None of these
Correct Answer: a) Video Cassette Recorder

694. What is the data writing speed of the Vast Device?
A) 100 inches per second
B) 4 inches per second
C) 200 inches per second
D) 248.4 inches per second
Correct Answer: b) 148.4 inches per second

695. The speed of the head of the Vast device
A) 800 rounds per minute
B) 900 rounds per minute
C) 1500 rounds per minute
D) 1800 rounds per minute
Correct Answer: d) 1800 rounds per minute


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