Computer Fundamentals Part – 41 (in English)

651. When was the binary automatic computer built?
A) 1929 AD
B) 1949 AD
C) 1959 AD
D) 1969 AD
Correct Answer: b) 1949 AD

652. Who created the binary automatic computer
A) John Eckert and Mockley
B) Berry Clifford
C) Robert Oven
D) Saint Simon
Correct Answer: a) John Eckert and Mockley

653. What is called for reserve space of computer’s memory for graphics?
A) Bit Place
B) bit map
C) bit pattern
D) Bit display
Correct Answer: b) bit map

654. When was the world’s first analog computer built ?
A) 1900 AD
B) 1920 AD
C) 1910 AD
D) 1930 AD
Correct Answer: b) 1920 AD

655. Who was the maker of the world’s first analog computer ?
A) Venever Bush
B) George Bush
C) Bush Junior
D) Ronald Reagan
Correct Answer: a) Venever Bush

656. What is computer aided design
A) Engineering Drawing Software
B) Fashion Design Software
C) Ceramic Design Software
D) None of these
Correct Answer: a) Engineer Drawing Software

657. What was the name of the first successful British electronic computer
A) Apollo
B) Judas
C) Colossus-I
D) Prometheus
Correct Answer: c) Colossus-I

658. What is the comparative and sequential study of the information and capabilities of the higher organism and machine communication
A) Genetics
B) Cybernetics
C) Robotics
D) None of these
Correct Answer: b) Cybernetics

659. The person with the Mechanical mechanical robot is given the respect
A) Cyborg
B) Rowborg
C) Robocop
D) Electrodes
Correct Answer: a) Cyborg

660. Computer-controlled X-ray technology is what is called
A) Computer Aided Design
B) Computerized Xial Tomography
C) Computer Assisted Instruction
D) None of these
Correct Answer: b) Computerized Xial Tomography

661. The computer museum is located _________ .
A) Boston, United States
B) New Delhi, India
C) Mayunich, Germany
D) Ottawa, Canada
Correct Answer: a) Boston, United States

662. The person who work on computer is called ________ .
A) Computer Worker
B) Computational
C) Cyber ??Person
D) None of these
Correct Answer: b) Computational

663. Who is the author of the famous book The Fourth Generation on the subject of artificial intelligence?
A) Capbel
B) Carl Saghan
C) Feigenbaum
D) Tykez Asimov
Correct Answer: c) Feigenbaum

664. Who is the first professor of computer science in the world ?
A) Friedrich Call
B) Tom Kilburn
C) Syborg
D) Aziz Premji
Correct Answer: b) Tom Kilburn

665. Which of the following is not a hard disk maker
A) Fijitsu
B) Hitachi
C) Seagate
D) Philips
Correct Answer: d) Philips

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