Computer Fundamentals Part – 40 (in English)

636. Protein bio-chip will help in which work ?
A) Identify the diseases of crops
B) Identification of plants with biochemistry for drug formation
C) Both are true
D) Both are false
Correct Answer: c) Both are true

637. Who created the proton biochip ?
A) The University of Purdue’s Scientists
B) Scientists of Howard University
C) Bell Laboratories
D) Bill Gates
Correct Answer: a) The University of Purdue’s Scientists

638. What is ‘C’ ?
A) is a letter
B) is a design
C) programming language
D) None of these
Correct Answer: c) Programming Language

639. Which is the Full form of CMOS ?
A) Central Metal Oven System
B) Complimentary metal oxide semiconductor
C) Central Monitor of State
D) None of these
Correct Answer: b) Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

640. Who is the father of artificial intelligence?
A) Ferradric Angels
B) A. D. Lovelace
C) Alan Turing
D) During
Correct Answer: c) Alan Turing

641. Who wrote the famous article called Computing Machinery and Intelligence?
A) Alan Turing
B) Howard Aiken
C) Asimov
D) Stephen Hawkins
Correct Answer: a) Alan Turing

642. Who created the first computer with Integrated Circuit ?
A) Altas
B) Kepler
C) Jean-Amedel
D) Copernicus
Correct Answer: c) Jean-Amedel

643. Describing the name of the first microcomputer in which Memory intelligence , input output keyboard , video display unit, was stored in the same box ?
A) Apple – I
B) Apple – II
C) Apple – III
D) Apple – IV
Correct Answer: a) Apple – I

644. Who made the Apple-I ?
A) Jean-Amedel
B) Wright Brothers
C) Stephen Wajianak and Steven Jabs
D) None of these
Correct Answer: c) Stefan Wajianak and Steven Jobs

645. Who developed the programming language known as FORTRAN?
A) John Forran
B) John Backs
C) John Brad
D) John Pitt
Correct Answer: b) John Backs

646. Tell the name of the protin that is theoretically capable of storing 10000 megabyte of information in a square centimeter?
A) Bacterial hippoposins
B) Bio protein
C) Animal protein
D) None of these
Correct Answer: a) Bacterial hippoposins

647. When was the first electronic computer made?
A) 1929 AD
B) 1919 AD
C) 1939 AD
D) 1949 AD
Correct Answer: c) 1939 AD

648. Development of the first electronic computer credit goes to ?
A) John Goldwin
B) Bill Atkins
C) Berry Clifford
D) Byron
Correct Answer: c) Berry Clifford

649. What was the name of the first computer with solid state diode ?
A) Binary Automatic Computer (BINAC)
B) Apple II
D) None of these
Correct Answer: a) Binary Automatic Computer (BINAC)

650. Name the first computer to use magnetic tape for information storage.
A) Analytical engine
B) Binary automated computer
C) Apple Pip
D) None of these
Correct Answer: b) Binary Automatic Computer

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