Computer Fundamentals Part – 32 (in English)

506. By which floppy disk made of?
(A) It is made of flexible plastic material
(B) It has a thin slurry of plastic material
(C) It is thicker than plastic material
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: This is made of flexible plastic material

507. Coating on the floppy disk is of ?
(A) Magnetic coating
(B) Red coating
(C) Electric coating
(D) Green Coating
Correct Answer: Magnetic Coating

508. What is the magnetic coating?
(A) iron oxide recording material
(B) manganese oxide recording material
(C) Iron sulfate recording material
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: Iron Oxide Recording Material

509. Invisible on magnetic coating ………. Is there.
(A) Electric Spot
(B) Mechanical Spot
(C) Magnetic Spot
(D) Rare Spot
Correct Answer: Mechanical Spot

510. On this magnetic spot ………. it happens.
(A) Data recording
(B) Data display
(C) Drawing
(D) Programming
Correct Answer: Data Recording

511. Floppy disk is used mainly in what work.
(A) To keep back up
(B) To take data in small quantities from one place to another
(C) Both
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: Both

512. Today, the size of which floppy dicks is in use.
(A) 5.25 inches and 3.5 inches
(B) 5 inches and 3 inches
(C) 2 inches and 5 inches
(D) 8 inches and 5 inches
Correct Answer: 5.25 inches and 3.5 inches

513. When floppy is divided into tracks and tracks into sectored, then what is it called ?
(A) formatting
(B) Non-format
(C) being certified
(D) Path
Correct Answer: Formatting

514. After the formatting, what is called the circle on the media ?.
(A) Track
(B) field
(C) sector
(D) Path
Correct Answer: Track

515. What is the full form of TPI.
(A) Tracks per inche
(B) Time per Inche
(C) Total processing inche
(D) Trial Per Inche
Correct Answer: Tracks per inche

516. T P.I. shows what is.
(A) Capacity of floppy
(B) the ability of the track
(C) Capacity of sector
(D) the ability of the path
Correct Answer: Capacity of floppy

517. What is the capability of the floppy?
(A) Density of recording
(B) recording speed
(C) Time spent in the recording
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: The density of the recording

518. How many types of floppy disks are.
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) three
(D) Four
Correct Answer: Three

519. In the 31 / 2 inch floppy has the ability to store data in single-sided disk.
(A) 110 KB
(B) 210 KB
(C) 310 KB
(D) 410 KB
Correct Answer: 310 KB

520. What is the head of the disk.
(A) Conducting coil
(B) Hot Coil
(C) Soft Coil
(D) Hard coil
Correct Answer: Conducting Coil

521. What does the head do?
(A) Reading and writing data
(B) Read only
(C) Leadership
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: Reading and writing data

522. What is Winchester Disk?
(A) Hard Disk
(B) Soft disk
(C) Compact disk
(D) Circular disks
Correct Answer: Hard Disk

523. The data access rate in Winchester disk compared to the floppy disk is ……….
(A) Slow
(B) Similar to
(C) Very fast
(D) Moderate
Correct Answer: Very fast

524. How many heads are there in a disk pack?
(A) One
(B) Four
(C) Many
(D) None
Correct Answer: Many

525. Optical disk is also a type of storage device. What does it use to record digital data?
(A) High power laser beam
(B) Low power laser beam
(C) X-Ray
(D) cosmic ray
Correct Answer: High power laser beam

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