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Computer Fundamentals Part – 28 (in English)

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476. printers that prints only one character at one time are called _________ .
(A) serial printer
(B) series printer
(C) Line and Page Printer
(D) Forest liner
Correct Answer: Serial Printers

477. Printer that prints each letter through dot?
(A) Inkjet printer
(B) dot matrix printer
(C) Laser printer
(D) Line printers
Correct Answer: Dot Matrix Printer

478. There are two types of dot matrix printers from the point of view of size, who are they?
(A) 20 columns and 40 column printers
(B) 40 columns and 60 column printers
(C) 80 columns and 136 column printers
(D) 100 columns and 125 column printers
Correct Answer: 80 columns and 136 column printers

479. There are two types of dot matrix printers in terms of printing quality ?
(A) 9 pins and 24 pin printers
(B) 9pins and 18 pin printers
(C) 18 pin and 36 pin printer
(D) 36 pins and 72 pin printers
Correct Answer: 9 Pin and 24 Pin Printer

480. What is the full form of CPS?
(A) Color Photo per Second
(B) Characters Per Second
(C) Creativity Per Seconds
(D) Characters Per Schedule
Correct Answer: Characters Per Second

481. What is the speed limit of printing of dot matrix printers?
(A) 40 CPS- 1000 CPS
(B) 50 CPS – 500 CPS
(C) 80 CPS – 800 CPS
(D) 100 CPS – 1000 CPS
Correct Answer: 40 CPS- 1000 CPS

482. Who handles the printer from right to left and left to right?
(A) Printer Head
(B) Head Assembly
(C) Port
(D) Mother board
Correct Answer: Head Assembly

483. When printer not connected with computer just take print copy from printer , what does it say?
(A) Printer Self Test
(B) Printer Test
(C) Printer check
(D) On-line printing
Correct Answer: Printer’s Self Test

484. The printer which leaves the ink of the size of the character while printing from which the letter is printed, what is the name given to it?
(A) dot matrix
(B) Laser
(C) Image printer
(D) Inkjet printers
Correct Answer: Inkjet Printer

485. What is the print speed of inkjet printers?
(A) 50 CPS – 100 CPS
(B) 100 CPS – 200 CPS
(C) 50 CPS – 200 CPS
(D) 50 CPS – 300 CPS
Correct Answer: 50 CPS – 300 CPS

486. Printer that print with the help of laser rays?
(A) dot matrix printer
(B) LaserPeter
(C) Daisy Wheel Printer
(D) Inkjet printers
Correct Answer: Laser Printer

487. What is the speed limit laser printer for printing?
(A) 10 pages per minute to 200 pages per minute
(B) 100 pages per minute to 200 pages per minute
(C) 50 pages per minute from 100 pages per minute
(D) 20 pages per minute from 100 pages per minute
Correct Answer: 10 pages per minute to 200 pages per minute

488. The laser printer is the printer of which category.
(A) Impact printer
(B) Non Impact Printer
(C) Line printers
(D) Serial printer
Correct Answer: Non Impact Printer

489. Why does font is use in laser printers ?
(A) For good printing
(B) For color printing
(C) To load different types of type styles
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: To Load Different Types of Type Styles

490. When the data is sent for print into printer, the place where the data remains in printer until print is called __________ .
(A) Data Spot
(B) Data buffer
(C) separator spots
(D) Print Spot
Correct Answer: Data Buffer

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