Computer Fundamentals Part – 17 (in English)

311. The 8080 microprocessor was _________ bit .
A) 2
B) 8
C) 12
D) 16
Correct Answer: 8

312. How many transistors were introduced in the Intel 80286 processor.
A) 100,000
B) 150,000
C) 134,000
D) 130,000
Correct Answer: 134,000

313. When the Intel 80286 processor was invented.
A) 1980 AD
B) 1981 AD
C) 1982 AD
D) 1983 AD
Correct Answer: 1982 AD

314. How many transistors were used in the processor.
A) 134,000
B) 140,000
C) 150,000
D) 275,000
Correct Answer: 275,000

315. Processor was how much bit ?
A) 8
B) 16
C) 24
D) 32
Correct Answer: 32

316. When did Intel announce the invention of the 486 processor?
A) January 1989
B) February 1989
C) March 1989
D) April 1989
Correct Answer: April 1989

317. When the Pentium processor was invented.
A) March 1993
B) April 1993
C) May 1993
D) June 1993
Correct Answer: March 1993

318. How many transistors were in the Pentium processor.
A) More than 31 lakhs
B) 25 lakhs
C) 20 lakhs
D) None of these
Correct Answer: More than 31 lakhs

319. How powerful the Pentium was compared to the 486 processor?
A) Twice
B) Three times
C) Four times
D) Five times
Correct Answer: Three times

320. Co processor is a subsidiary of microprocessor. Who has given the name of co processor?
A) Math Co processor or Numeric Co processor
B) alpha numeric co processor
C) Assistant processor
D) None of these
Correct Answer: Math Cop processor or Numeric Co processor

321. Numeric co processor is a chip which is designed for ……… only It increases the capability of the computer.
A) Logical
B) Mathematical
C) Irrelevant
D) Philosopher
Correct Answer: Mathematical

322. Which processor does the computer-aided design and 2D and 3D graphics make?
A) Numeric Coprocessor
B) alpha numeric coprocessor
C) Beta coprocessor
D) Gamma Coprocessor
Correct Answer: Numeric Coprocessor

323. What is called for register of ALU that keeps the result of mathematical logical actions?
A) Storekeeper
B) Accumulator
C) Warehouse
D) Animator
Correct Answer: Accumulator

324. Stack Pointer is also a register. What is its job?
A) To locate the location of the stack first
B) Stacking the stack
C) Registering
D) None of these
Correct Answer: To locate the first location of the stack

325. The address of next follow-up instructions, which registers keeps in its memory.
A) Stack Pointer
B) Program pointer
C) Program Counter
D) Stack Counter
Correct Answer: Program Counter

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