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Computer Fundamentals Part – 12

221. Which unit holds data temporarily?
A) Input unit
B) Secondary storage unit
C) Output Unit
D) Primary Memory Unit

Ans : D ( Primary Memory Unit )

222. The computer size was very large in
A) First Generation
B) Second Generation
C) Third Generation
D) Fourth Generation

Ans : A ( First Generation )

223. A name or number used to identify storage location devices?
A) A byte
B) A record
C) An address
D) All of above

Ans : C ( An address )

224. Which of the following is not computer language?
A) High level language
B) Medium level language
C) Low level language
D) All of the above

Ans : B ( Medium level language )

225. Reading data is performed in magnetic disk by
A) Read/write leads
B) Sectors
C) Track
D) Lower surface

Ans : A ( Read/write leads )

226. IBM 7000 digital computer
A) Belongs to second generation
B) Uses VLSI
C) Employs semiconductor memory
D) Has modular constructions

Ans : D ( Has modular constructions )

227. Which of the following is not electro-mechanical computer?
A) Mark I
C) Zuse

Ans : D ( UNIVAC )

228. The term ‘computer’ is derived from
A) Greek language
B) Sanskrit language
C) Latin language
D) German language

Ans : C ( Latin language )

229. Which statement is valid about magnetic tape?
A) It is a plastic ribbon
B) It is coated on both sides with iron oxide
C) It can be erased and reused
D) All of above

Ans : D ( All of above )

230. Which of the following is first generation computer?
B) IBM 1401
C) CDC 1604
D) ICL 2950

Ans : A ( EDSAC )

231. A hard copy would be prepared on a
A) Line printer
B) Dot matrix Printer
C) Typewriter terminal
D) All of the above

Ans : D ( All of the above )

232. The term GIGO is relate to which characteristics of computers?
A) Speed
B) Automatic
C) Accuracy
D) Reliability

Ans : C ( Accuracy )

233. Which of the following programming language were used in first generation computers?
A) Machine language
B) Assembly language
C) Both of above
D) None of above

Ans : A ( Machine language )

234. To locate a data item for storage is
A) Field
B) Feed
C) Database
D) Fetch

Ans : D ( Fetch )

235. Who used punched cards practically for the first time in the history of computers?
A) Charles Babbage
B) Dr. Herman Hollerith
C) Howard Aikin
D) Joseph Jacquard

Ans : B ( Dr. Herman Hollerith )

236. Hard disk is coated in both sides with
A) Magnetic metallic oxide
B) Optical metallic oxide
C) Carbon layer
D) All of the above

Ans : A ( Magnetic metallic oxide )

237. Which of the following term means to reckon?
A) putare
B) com
C) computa
D) computar

Ans : A ( putare )

238. An input /output device at which data enters or leaves a computer system is
A) Keyboard
B) Terminal
C) Printer
D) Plotter

Ans : B ( Terminal )

239. Which of the following is first generation of computer
B) IBM-1401
C) CDC-1604
D) ICL-2900

Ans : A ( EDSAC )

240. A name or number used to identify a storage location is called
A) A byte
B) A record
C) An address
D) All of above

Ans : C ( An address )