Internet Part – 13 (in English)

176. Which of the following is not search engines ?
A) Google
B) Altavista
C) Science Direct
D) Arc
Answer- (c) Science Direct

177. The High Research Project Agency is responsible for the development of which of the following.
A) Website
B) online
C) E-mail
D) Internet
Answer- (d) Internet

178. The web came into existence …….
A) In the US
B) In India
C) in Switzerland
D) In ??Japan
Answer- (a) in the US

179. If there is a .edu us at the end of a domain name then it is.
A) An international organization
B) A nonprofit organization
C)) A Australian educational institution
D) An educational institute of the USA
Answer- (d) an educational institution of the USA

180. What information is called Rajpath?
A) Email
B) Pager
C) Cellular phone
D) to the internet
Answer- (d) the Internet

181. The standard protocol used on the Internet.
Answer- (c) TCP / IP

182. The complete form of HTML is
A) High Transfer Markup Language
B) Hyper Text Markup Language
C) High Text Machine
D) None of these
Answer- (b) Hyper Text Markup Language

183. Identifies the main page of a particular computer and the whole site on the web.
B) Web site end
C) Hyper link
D) Domain names
Answer- (a) URL

184. Which is a communication protocol that sets standards used by every computer accessing a web based information.
Answer- (c) HTTP

185. ……… .. is a computer that is connected to an Internet that runs a Spas Web server software and can send web pages to other computers on the Internet.
A) Web Client
B) Web System
C) Web page
D) Web server
Answer- (d) Web page

186. In URl http: // www http is …………
A) Host
B) Domain names
C) Protocol
D) Domain address
Answer- (c) Protocol

187. Information is available on all web sites and web pages which you have seen in a timeline.
A) In the status bar
B) Task Bar
C) In History list
D) In ??toolbar
Answer- (c) History list

188. Browser is.
A) Computer detector software in LAN
B) Software to apply computer to LAN
C) Web page search software on the Internet
D) None of these
Answer- (c) Web page search software on the Internet

189. On the Internet, the process of receiving information on the computer from the server is called _____ .
A) Pulling
B) Pushing
C) Down loading
D) None of these
Answer- (c) Down loading

190. The web site address or URL is a unique name on the web page, which establishes the identity of specific ……….
A) Web browser
C) Web site
D) Link
Answer- (c) Web site

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