Internet Part – 12 (in English)

161. Which of the following statements is true?
A) Modem is a software
B) The modem do Strengthens of voltage
C) Modam is the operator system.
D) Modem changes analog signal into digital signal and digital signal into analog signal.
Answer- (d) Modem changes an analog signal into a digital signal and digital signal into an analog signal.

162. Which of the following allows computers to transfer data using a telephone line.
A) Kujin palatal
C) Modem
D) Printer
Answer- (c) Modem

163. The philosophy that works on light filament is
A) Full internal reflection
B) Refraction
C) Scattering
D) Distribution
Answer- (a) Full internal reflection

164. Name of computer network limited to any college campus.
A) Internet
B) Wide Area Network
C) Campus Area Network
D) Ectranet
Answer- (c) Campus Area Network

165. Modem has the full name.
A) Modulators DModulators
B) Modulators D modulation
C) Modulator Discussion
D) None of these
Answer- (a) Modulators DModulators

166. A device that converts the data into charges and transmits from the terminal to the computer and from the computer to the terminal on the telephone line.
A) Magnetic disks
B) Micro Computer
D) Modem
Answer- (d) Modem

167. Ethernet is.
B) Man
C) Vans
D) A chemical
Answer- (a) LAN

168. Which of the following is a small single site network?
D) None of these
Answer- (a) LAN

169. World wide network is the inventor and originator of WWW.
A) Bill Gates
B) Lee Ann Feong
C) Ann Russell
D) Tim Bernhas Lee
Answer- (d) Tim Bernhus Lee

170. Yahoo, Google and MSN.
A) Internet site
B) Computer Broad
C) Shorts made in Switzerland
D) Saturn rings
Answer- (a) Internet Site

171. What is the Internet?
A) Fishing nets in the sea
B) International Basketball Basket
C) Method of keeping track of rail box in railway lines
D) Mechanism of international information based on computer
Answer- (d) System of international information based on computer

172. Which of the following is not a computer term?
A) Analog
B) Binary code
C) Chip
D) None of these
Answer- (a) Analog

173. The page that is first displayed when accessing a website is called.
A) First page
B) Main page
C) Home page
D) None of these
Answer- (c) Home page

174. Common words are called for network of networks.
A) Eccentet
B) Intranet
C) Webnet
D) Internet
Answer- (d) Internet

175. Indicates the .com fraction of an organization’s website.
A) Company
B) Commands
C) Communication
D) Commercial
Answer- (d) Commercial

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