basic questions of ms office

Computer Fundamentals Part – 14 (in Hindi)

1. लिनिक्स एक- a) आपरेटिंग सिस्टम का नाम है b) केमिकल का नाम है c) बीमारी का नाम है d) कम्प्यूटर वायरस है 2. सीएडी (CAd) का तात्पर्य है। a) कम्प्यूटर एल्गोरिथम फॉर डिजाइन b) कम्प्यूटर एडेड डिजाइन c) कम्प्यूटर एप्लिकेशन इन डिजाइन d) इनमे से कोई नही 3. माइक्रोसाफ्ट ऑफिस है। a) शेयर वेयर […]

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MS Excel Part 4

Ques. (46-60) 46. The programming language in which Excel keeps the macro code record. A) Java B) Visual Basic C) Basic D) Video Basic Correct answer : B 47. What is the shortcut key to replace in MS-Excel? A) Ctrl+R B) Ctrl+E C) Ctrl+H D) Ctrl+L Correct answer : C 48. Which of the following

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MS Excel Part 3

Ques. (31-45) 31. A function does have inside the function is called______ A) Nested Function B) Round Function C) Sum Function D) Text Function Correct answer : A 32. The cell address in the Microsoft Office Excel document is _________ A) Column Name B) Row Name C) First Row then Column Name D) First Column

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MS Excel Part 1

Ques. (1-15) 1. In MS Excel, in which bar have the currency option A) Formatting Toolbar B) Standard Toolbar C) Status Bar D) Formula bar Correct answer : A 2. Which menu contains macro options in MS Excel A) Insert B) Format C) Tools D) Data Correct answer : C 3. Which function is used

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MS-Word Part 4

Ques. (46-60) 46. In the Ms Word 2007, Document File Extension is _________ A) WPF B) TXT C) DOC D) DOCX Correct Answer : D 47. In which view of MS Word, the background color and effects are shown A) Web layout view B) Print Layout view C) Reading View D) Print Preview Correct Answer

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